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Hand-drawn Sidlesham signpost with lapwing bird.

Minutes of the Bi-monthly Parish Council Meeting 19 January 2011

Bi-monthly Parish Council Meeting 19th January 2011

Church Hall, Church Farm Lane, 7:45 pm

Present: Mr A Harland (Chairman), Mrs C Ranjbar, Mrs E Smart, Mrs D Kennedy,  Mr C Field, Mr A Malir, Mrs P Tull and  Mr C Bond.  
Clerk (Mrs T MacIntyre) and at times up to 5 members of the public.   

1. Questions from the public present at the meeting on subjects other than those on the agenda.     None

2 Apologies for absence. Mrs D Pound

3 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 17 November 2010.  Mr Field proposed that the minutes of 17th November should be signed as a correct record, Mrs Smart seconded and all Councillors agreed.

4 Declarations by Councillors of personal interests in items on this agenda. None

5 Matters arising from the above minutes not dealt with in separate items below. 
5.1     Mr Field raised the matter of houses on the B2145 north of the Memorial Playing Field parking on the grass in the playing field grounds.  The Clerk will write to them.
5.2        Mr Field asked whether the Churchyard was covered by the Dog Control Order.  The Clerk advised that only land owned by the Sidlesham PC was officially covered by the Control Order but that the Dog Warden at Chichester District Council had no objection to one of their signs being put up in the churchyard.
5.3       Mrs Smart reported on two aggressive dogs at The Shutters, Selsey Road.  The previous Clerk had reported them to the Dog Warden who had visited the site, had not seen the dogs but considered the fence adequate.  However, since that time a parishioner’s dog was able to break through the fence from the public side. By implication the fencing cannot be adequate to keep the dogs within the owners’ boundary, so the Clerk will write to the Dog Warden again.
5.4       Mr Field raised Mr Bowling’s request for the Clerk to check that his application to have the speed limit in Rookery Lane/Mill Lane reduced is still on the list for consideration.  The Clerk confirmed that this has been done; his application is on the list (currently No 28 as against 24 the previous year) but unlikely to be implemented in the foreseeable future.

6 WSCC Councillor.   Mrs Whitehead had sent her apologies as she was unable to attend the meeting.
Mrs Whitehead had sent her County Report to Mr Harland which raised the following points:
6.1         Mrs Whitehead asked if the salting and gritting in Sidlesham had been satisfactory during the cold weather and whether our ‘Winter Plan’ was now in place.  Firstly, the gritting lorries were only committed to grit the main road and Highleigh which they have done.  Secondly, we do not have a winter plan as Sidlesham covers too large an area for us to salt our own pavements.
6.2         Chichester South County Local Committee will meet next on Tuesday, 8th February at Boxgrove Village Hall.  On the Agenda is:   Localism, an update on the 2012 Olympic Games and an open forum for residents to ask questions of the Committee.
7 CDC Councillor. Mrs Tull reported that government spending cuts will in fact be harsher on Chichester than at first thought because it has now become clear that the government will take away from the constituent local authorities the cost of those areas which have now become part of the Southdown National Park.  Therefore, the Council will lose an additional £1.2m.   There will be further cuts and changes to come but these have not yet been finalised.  It is expected that the Council Tax will be held within 2010-11 figures.  The Government has said, however, that there is a fund in place which will compensate authorities to the tune of a rise of about 1.5% over the next four years.

8       Hall Work Group.   Mr Bill Martin represented Mrs Pound at the meeting.
8.1        Mr Harland will circulate the minutes of the Hall Work Group meeting on 24th November 2010.  The minutes referred to amendments to the questionnaire which have now been delivered to all houses in the Parish.   The closing date for returning the questionnaire is the 31st January 2011.  Mr Martin added that the group will meet next in early February to analyse the results of the questionnaire.  The Clerk will ensure that those minutes are circulated.

9          Emergency Plan.  In the absence of Mrs Pound, Mr M Allisstone represented the Emergency Planning Group.
Mr Allisstone presented a very full report on progress, a transcript of which will be circulated to all Councillors.  A draft emergency plan has been written which Mrs Pound and Mr Allisstone will refine at the end of January.  All members of the EPG are compiling a list of potential local resources and a list of parishioners who may need special help in an emergency.  He stressed that this information will be treated as confidential.
Mrs Tull asked about possible costs of implementing the plan and stressed that there is very little funding at the present time.   Mr Allisstone suggested that a couple of lap tops might be needed but Mr Harland said that most co-ordinators had home computers which could be used.  Mrs Tull will find out if there is funding available for this project.    
Mr Harland asked if a final plan would be available in time for the Parish Council’s March meeting.  Mr Allisstone thought this unlikely.

10 Playground.
Mr Harland met with Knight’s Fencing to discuss the split gate post and the selfclosing device on the gate.  They are looking into providing a more robust closing device and putting up a post and rail to prevent the gate from opening more than 90o.  They will replace the gates as the wood they supplied was considered to be of insufficient quality for the purpose and they will lower the gates to prevent dogs entering.
Monsters will meet Mr Harland on 25 January to look at the problems involved in installing the missing piece of equipment.  The equipment and transport lorry are very heavy and ground very wet so it is unlikely to be installed before May.  Monsters will also investigate other items on the RPI inspectors’ reports which are all minor but will be dealt with.  Mr Harland and Monsters will also discuss putting more matting down and installing more railings for safety.  Mr Harland will call a meeting of the Playground Work Group by the end of January to discuss matters raised at the meeting with Monsters.
The Work Group will discuss the drawing up of a rota of volunteers to check the playground equipment.  Mrs Ranjbar felt that a record should be kept of who had checked the equipment and when.  The Clerk will open a book to record the playground checks and purchase an Accident Book.
11 Football Club
11.1 Solicitors consultation.  The Council has yet to receive the draft agreement from Thomas Eggar (Solicitors).  It was agreed that when the draft is received it will be circulated to all Councillors and a special council meeting called. When councillors are agreed on its contents, it will be sent to the Football Club for their views.  Mr Harland read out the letter from Thomas Eggar dated 13th January together with their invoice.  The Clerk will acknowledge the letter and enquire when we may expect the draft agreement. 
11.2      A 5 year electrical certificate has now been issued and sighted by the Chairman.  The Football Club have been given better lights for the pylons and hopes to fit the new lights in the summer.

12.     School House
12.1       New name for development.    Mrs Ranjbar had previously suggested Hardy Close/Garden.  Mr Field had mentioned the name to Mr Hardy who, as Headmaster of the school for 29 years, was the last headmaster of Sidlesham School to occupy the house.  He was very touched by the suggestion.  The Council decided on Hardy’s Garden and the clerk was asked to pass this suggestion on to the developers.
12.2      Mr Harland read a letter from Mrs Louise Goldsmith (Leader of West Sussex County Council) regarding the school access.  Mrs Goldsmith has asked the County Head of Capital and Asset Management to seek quotations from a building surveyor on options to block off the existing entrance.  Once these quotations have been received, the school head will be contacted to agree how this matter should be taken forward.
Mrs Kennedy asked whether there was any news re the small redundant ditch near the school entrance. To date only an acknowledgement had been received.
13. Complaint against the Council Statement.   Mr Harland issued a statement that a complaint by a parishioner has been examined and concluded in accordance with the Council’s complaints policy.  All correspondence connected with this complaint has already been circulated to all Councillors.

15. Highways, footpaths and cycleways.
15.1      Easton Lane.  Mr Field had reported notices in Easton Lane warning motorists of the condition of the road.  These notices have no official marking of WSCC so the Clerk has written to enquire if these are official signs and if there is a plan to repair the road.
15.2      Rural lane speed limits, in particular Highleigh and Rotten Row.  These were originally temporary speed limits for one year.  They have now been made permanent and enforceable.  Signs in Rotten Row are missing and the Clerk will apply to have them replaced.
15.3      Trees along the B2145 opposite Pondtail Cottage .  These have now been cut back and the Clerk will write to the Highways Authority to thank them.
15.4      Mr Harland reported the flooding on the corner of Church Lane and the main road opposite the Anchor Pub.   A fire Engine had been called out.  They were unable to cope so Highways were called to pump the water. Mr Harland, supported by Mrs Whitehead, has been in touch with Mr Johnson of the Highways Authority to clear the ditches and try to find a solution to the problem.
Mr Harland also reported flooding in Rotten Row, the B2145 opposite the garage, Keynor Lane and Rookery Lane below Pondtail Cottage.  The Clerk will follow this up with Mr Hodd.
Mr Field reported flooding in the garden behind Mrs Turner’s house in Shotford.  Mrs Turner felt that the water was running off the playing field.
16. Finance

16.4 Payments to be made
16.4.1   H B Collins   strim & litter pick play ground, grass verges and Old Mill Site    £193.88
16.4.2   J Paul final expenses £9.00
16.4.3   Inland Revenue.  QuarterlyTax and National Insurance for Parish Clerk £363.02
16.5  Payments made since last meeting 
16.5.1   Sidlesham PCC (Churchyard Contribution VAT)   £437.50
16.5.2   The Royal British Legion (Poppy Appeal)  £35.00
16.5.3   A Harland (PCC Magazine for Clerk)  £11.84
16.5.4   T MacIntyre Expenses to 20 Dec 2010  £36.13
16.5.5   T MacIntyre – Clerk’s Salary 15 Nov – 31 Dec 2010 £507.15
16.5.6    Sidlesham PCC – Hall Hire  £41.25

Mrs Tull proposed and Mr Field seconded that the items of 16.4 through to 16.5 should be accepted en bloc, the Councillors agreed.

17 Reports
17.1 Manhood Parishes Road Safety Group.  Mr Field reported on their meeting.  The Group have written objecting to the Madestein proposal and because the Group only meet quarterly, their Chairman has been authorised to write on their behalf should the proposal reach Appeal before their next meeting. 
The CASPAR has again been vandalised, this time in Itchenor.  Mr Bailey intends to write an article for the Chichester Observer raising the profile of CASPAR.  There are, however, now no resources to keep them running in the next financial year.  An offer has been made to give CASPAR to the Manhood Peninsula with a tripod so it can be used as a SID.  Mr Field reported that the front office facilities at Selsey Policy Station are likely to be closed.  PCSO funding has been ringfenced for the next 2 years.
17.2      PHLNRAB/RSPB.   The final revision of the Service Level Agreement by the Working Party appears not to have been circulated, nor has the report of their last meeting.  Mr Harland attended the PHLNRAB Meeting instead of Mrs Smart.  The question of the production of the Service Level Agreement was again raised by Mr Coleman, supported by Mr Harland with some discussion as to why.  The matter of sailing permits was raised again and reported that the appropriate assessment has still not been finally completed.  Mr Harland understood that the parties to the Agreement, together with Mr Carver, manager of the Reserve, will make a decision.  Mrs Smart recommended that ES, CB, TT & AH should get together soon to discuss the current state of affairs.

17.3 Peninsula Forum.   Mr Harland attended the meeting and reported that the budgets of West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council were discussed.  The budgets have not yet been finalised so nothing to report yet. 
An ex-policeman gave a report on fly tipping and recent prosecutions, and confirmed that the recycling sites were being far stricter about charges for trade waste. 
The minutes from the meeting will be circulated. 

17.4 Police Neighbourhood Management Panel. Meeting deferred to Friday 21st January 2011.  Mr Field will attend.
17.5 Other reports. None

18      Correspondence.  None

19        Matters of Information. 
Mrs Kennedy mentioned the flint bus shelter on the B2145 which needs to be repaired.  She will obtain a quote for the work to be done. Mr Harland also raised the repair to the roof of the bus shelter on the opposite side of the road.

Meeting closed at 9.40pm