Sidlesham Parish Council.

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Hand-drawn Sidlesham signpost with lapwing bird.

AGENDA – Parish Council Meeting 19th September 2018

Sidlesham Parish Council Meeting to be held on Wednesday 19th September, 2018
The Church Hall, Church Farm Lane at 7.30 pm

All members of the Council and the public are informed that this meeting will be recorded.
1.    Questions from the public present at the meeting on subjects other than those on the agenda.
2.    Apologies for absence
3.    Declarations by Councillors of personal interests in items on this agenda.
4.      Minutes of PC Meeting held on 18th July 2018 to be signed as a correct record.
5.    Matters arising from the above minutes not dealt with in separate items below.
6.    WSCC Councillor:   Cllr P Montyn
7.    CDC Councillor:  Cllr P Tull
8.    Neighbourhood Plan
9.    Memorial Playing Field
9.1    Update
10.    Highways, footpaths and cycleways
10.1    Selsey/Chichester Commuter cycle route
10.2       Bus stop north of Lockgate Road
11.    Assets & Amenities Workgroup
11.1    Barrier Gate at Memorial Playing Field
11.2    Playground fence
12.    Litter
12.1    School Programme to raise awareness
12.1    Dog bag dispenser at Memorial Playing Field
12.    Finance
12.1    Income
12.1.1    Southern Comfort Bike Rally (use of Memorial Playing Field for event) £500.00
12.1.2    Ferry Farm Community Solar (grant for playground fence) £2000.00
12.1.3    CDC (2nd instalment of Precept) £14,813.00
12.2     Payments
12.2.1    Sidlesham Primary School (donation for school prize) £25.00
12.2.2    T MacIntyre (July salary) £521.66
12.2.3    MH Kennedy (mow Paddock Straight) £258.00
12.2.4    Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group (Operation Watershed grant contribution to Willow Glen drainage work) £5113.00
12.2.5Moore Stephens (annual external audit) £294.00
12.2.6    M H Kennedy & Son (mow Paddock Straight) £129.00
12.2.7    Cathedral Signs (sign for playground fence) £48.00
12.2.8    H B Collins (strim and litter pick) £1123.20
12.2.9    T MacIntyre (August salary) £521.67
12.2.10 D J F Construction (repair barrier gate) £1150.00
13.    Correspondence
14.    Matters of urgent public importance. Items raised will stand deferred until the next meeting.
15.    Matters of Information

Tessa MacIntyre (Clerk to Sidlesham Parish Council)