Sidlesham Parish Council.

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Hand-drawn Sidlesham signpost with lapwing bird.

Invoices over £100 paid 2019-2020

Invoices over £100 paid between 1st April 2019-31st March 2020

Chichester District Council (empty bins) £559.11

WSALC (annual subscription) £398.64

M H Kennedy (mow Paddock Straight) £258.00

KJC Trees (Maintenance of MPF Trees) £420.00

JWL Installs Ltd (Maintenance of playground equipment) £552.00

H B Collins (strim & litter pick) £901.20

CDC (contricution to MPP) £100.00

Access by Design (website hosting) £144.00

M H Kennedy (mow Paddock Straight) £265.20

Surrey Hills Solicitors (legal advice) £390.00

Came & Company (annual insurance premium) £1038.52

T MacIntyre (May salary) £537.50