Sidlesham Parish Council.

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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on 21st June 2017

Sidlesham Parish Council
Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 21st June 2017 in the Church Hall, Church Farm Lane 7.30pm

Present:  Mr M Mellodey (Chairman), Mrs C Hall, Dr F Lewis, Mrs U Pearce and Mrs C Ranjbar.
Cllr P Montyn (WSCC), Cllr P Tull (CDC), 1 member of the public and the Clerk, Mrs T MacIntyre.
Members of the council and the public were informed that the evening’s meeting would be recorded.

1     Questions from the public present at the meeting on subjects other than those on the agenda.    None
2.    Apologies for Absence:  Mrs D Pound, Mr P Bedford, Mr A Harland and Mrs M Monnington.
3.    Declarations by councillors of personal interests in items on this agenda.   None
4.    Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 17th May 2017 to be signed as a correct record.  Mrs Hall proposed and Mrs Ranjbar seconded that the minutes be signed.  3 councillors agreed with 2 abstentions.
5.    Matters arising from the above minutes not dealt with in separate items below.    None.
6.    WSCC Councillor.   Cllr Montyn briefed the PC on the A27 Community Workshop under Item 12.
7.    CDC Councillor
Cllr Tull informed the PC that a Fast Track grant from CDC of up to £1000 could fund a defibrillator for the village (Agenda item 15).  Dr Lewis had carried out research into defibrillators and training for operators.  The PC discussed a possible site for the equipment and the pub was suggested.  A decision was deferred to the July PC meeting.
8.     Highways, footpaths and cycleways.
8.1   Broken finger post on junction of Highleigh Road and Rotten Row.
The contractor has been informed that his quotation had been accepted and will carry out the repair.
8.2    Selsey/Chichester Commuter Cycle Track.
No meeting has taken place since the May PC Meeting.  Mr Mellodey reported that progress is being made at the southern end of the track by RSPB Medmerry with a link to Golf Links Lane as one option, rather than the main road option.
9.      Memorial Playing Field
9.1  Structural Survey of foundations of clubhouse on Memorial Playing Field.  Mr Mellodey reported that a report of the survey had been received.  The email and attached sketch of the building were unclear and the Clerk has asked the surveyor to clarify his sketch and give a full report on the foundations of the existing building.  The findings of this survey will form the basis of an architectural assessment of what could be built and therefore must be clarified.
9.2    Application for redirection of remaining NHB money.  The Clerk has submitted an application for funding for an architect’s assessment of what could be built in the light of the surveyor’s report and awaits the outcome.
9.3    Approve second empty of playground bin per week at extra cost of £68.12.   Councillors would have preferred to increase the frequency of bin empties for only the 6 summer months of the year, this is not an option.  All councillors agreed that the bin should be emptied twice a week.
9.4    Relaying of Junior Pitch.    The grass is growing and the FC has carried out the first cut of the grass.
9.5    Cover for barrier gate lock.
The new cover has been fitted.
The Clerk reported that the gate has been hit again; a member of the FC will attempt to concrete the gate back in position.  The Clerk was asked to obtain a quotation for supports to be fitted either side of the upright posts.
9.6    Mrs Ranjbar wished to record how good and well maintained the Memorial Playing Field is looking.
10.     Assets and Amenities Workgroup
10.1  Damaged bus shelter north of Lockgate Road.  The Clerk had received a quotation of £398 to replace the back panel.  The panels are simply bent but not broken and the PC agreed unanimously not to replace the panels.
11.   Ferry Farm Grant Application.
It was noted that Mrs Pound is now a Director of the Ferry Farm Community Benefit Society.  Mrs Pound had stated in an email that she would represent the Parish Council on the Board of Directors.  On 17th May 2017, it was decided the Dr Lewis and Mrs Pound will attend meetings (Item 6.15) but no decision had been made that she should be appointed a Director, representing the PC.  Councillors felt strongly that no member should be appointed to an outside organisation, in the PC’s name, without the approval of the PC.  Mr Mellodey suggested that he and Dr Lewis meet with Mr Nicholls, a Director of the Society, to clarify the matter.  The Clerk was asked write to Mr Nicholls to arrange a meeting.
12.   A27 Consultation Community Workshop.
Cllr Montyn informed the Council that the next A27 Workshop will be on 22nd June 2017.  Mr Mellodey will attend.   Following this Workshop, local businesses will be approached and invited to attend a meeting. Following those two meetings, a Steering Committee/Group will be formed, consisting of representatives from WSCC, CDC and the business community.  The Steering Group will narrow down the suggestions and, it is hoped, produce a development brief for a firm of consultants (yet to be appointed) to arrive at a scheme which would have broad approval.  Cllr Montyn stated that all at WSCC agreed that Highways England had mishandled the consultation process.
Mr Mellodey had held a meeting with the Chairmen of Hunston, North Mundham and Runction Parish Councils.  It had been decided that Donnington PC be invited to join this group and, with 4 PC’s, the Group would qualify for a facilitator.  Mr Mellodey stated that, in the Group’s view, Option 2 creates more problems than it solves for people on the Manhood Peninsula and should be discarded. In addition, the different requirements of local and national traffic should be separately assessed.  The Group will meet again after the WSCC Workshop and Cllr Montyn requested that he be sent a copy of the Group’s minutes.
13.   Neighbourhood/Village Plan.
This item was deferred to the September PC meeting.  Mr Mellodey reiterated the need to recruit parishioners from different groups within the community (agricultural/horticultural, business, school, etc) to support PC members on the Work Group.
14.   Bi-annual PC Newsletter
The Clerk had circulated a newsletter from Fishbourne PC.  It was suggested that the PC contribute a newsletter to the Sidlesham Spread rather than issue another publication.  Mrs Ranjbar will write a sample newsletter for the September meeting.
15.       Finance
15.1    Income
15.1.1    HM Revenue & Customs (VAT return) £5,167.83
15.2    Payments
15.2.1    CDC (contribution to Manhood Peninsula Partnership) £100
15.2.2    H B Collins (strim & litter pick) £835.20
15.2.3    M H Kennedy (mow Paddock Straight) £125.14
15.2.4    Access-by Design (Hosting website) £144.00
15.2.5    Came & Company (annual insurance premium) £962.02
15.2.6    T MacIntyre (May salary) £504.16
Mrs Hall proposed and Dr Lewis seconded that items 15.1.1 to 15.2.6 be approved en bloc.  All agreed.
15.     Reports.
15.1   Manhood Peninsula Forum.  Mrs Ranjbar attended the meeting.  The minutes will be circulated when available. Notes on a presentation on flooding, ditches and riparian ownership had been circulated.  Mrs Ranjbar suggested that she forward the notes to the Sidlesham Spread and request that an article be included in the next publication.  All agreed.
15.2   Manhood Peninsula Partnership.  Mr Bedford had attended the meeting.  Minutes will be circulated.
17.     Correspondence.  None
18.     Matters of urgent public importance. Items raised will stand deferred until the next meeting.  None
19.     Matters of Information.   None

Meeting closed at 8.50 pm