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Minutes of Statutory Annual Parish Council Meeting 18th May 2016

Minutes of Statutory Annual Parish Council Meeting held on
Wednesday 18th May 2016 in the Church Hall, Church Farm Lane at 7.00 pm

Present: Mr M Mellodey (Vice-Chairman), Mrs C Hall, Mrs D Pound, Mr A Harland, Mr P Bedford, Mrs U Pearce, Mrs M Monnington, and Dr F Lewis.
Cllr M Evans (WSCC), Cllr P Tull (CDC), 4 members of the public and the Clerk (Mrs T MacIntyre),
Members of the Council and the public were informed that the meeting will be recorded

1. Election of Chairman.  Mr Mellodey opened the meeting.  He acknowledged the resignation of Mrs Pound as Chairman and thanked her for her work over the past year.  Mrs Pound thanked the Clerk for her support during her period of Chairmanship.  Dr Lewis also wished to record her thanks to the Clerk.
Mr Mellodey called for nominations for Chairman.  Mr Harland proposed Mr Mellodey, Dr Lewis seconded that proposal.  Mr Mellodey was elected unanimously and accepted the post.
2.  Election of Vice Chairman.  Mrs Monnington proposed Mrs Ranjbar for Vice Chairman, Mrs Pound seconded the proposal and all agreed.
3.   Election of Chairman of Planning Committee.  Mr Bedford was proposed by Mr Harland and seconded by Mrs Monnington.  Mr Bedford informed the PC that he may need to take leave of absence for a period in six months’ time.  He could continue to produce notes for meetings and would assist the vice chairman as much as possible during that period.  If councillors agreed to that proviso, he agreed to continue as Chairman of Planning.  All councillors agreed.
4.   Election of Vice Chairman of Planning Committee.  Mr Harland was proposed for Vice Chairman and all agreed.
5.  Members, Representatives and other appointments.
5.1     Planning Committee. Mrs Pound stated that, in her opinion, the Planning Committee should be smaller.  However, it was felt that all councillors have a responsibility for the village and planning is a significant part of that role.  It was agreed that all members of the PC remain on the Planning Committee.
5.2     Finance Work Group. In addition to the Chairman and Vice Chairman, who sit ex-officio, it was agreed unanimously that Mrs Hall and Mr Harland serve on the Finance Work Group
5.3    Appoint Parish Council Accounts Monitor.  Mr Harland offered to continue as PC Accounts Monitor.  All councillors agreed.
5.4       Appoint signatories for bank mandate. It was agreed that Mr Mellodey, Mrs Ranjbar and Mr Harland will be signatories on the bank mandate and have access to approve electronic banking. The Clerk to open electronic bank account for the PC.
5.5     Assets and Amenities Work Group.  Mr Mellodey recommended that Mrs Hall continue as Chairman of A&A.  In addition, Dr Lewis, Mrs Pearce and Mrs Ranjbar will serve on the A&A Work Group.  All agreed.
5.6     Representative to Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve Community Meetings. Mrs Monnington will attend meetings on behalf of the PC.  All agreed.
5.7     Representative to Chichester District Association of Local Councils. (CDALC).  It was agreed by all that Mr Harland attend meetings with Mr Bedford’s support.
5.8     Representatives to Peninsula Community Forum.  Mr Mellodey and Mrs Pearce agreed to continue to attend meetings.  All councillors agreed.
5.9    Representative to Medmerry STAG.  Dr Lewis agreed to represent SPC.  All agreed.
5.10    Representative to Pagham Harbour and Coastal Issues Group.  Mr Harland will continue to represent the council.  All agreed.
5.11     Approve membership of SSALC and appoint representative.  Mrs Pound was appointed to represent SPC at SSALC public meetings.  All agreed.
5.12     Representative to Flood and Land Drainage Group.  Mr Bedford is a member of the Flood and Land Drainage Group. Mrs Monnington was proposed to attend meetings as a representative of SPC.  All agreed.
6.    Questions from the public present at the meeting on subjects other than those on the agenda.   None
7.         Apologies for absence.   Mrs Ranjbar
8.    Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 15th April 2015 to be signed as a correct record.  Mrs Pearce proposed and Mrs Monnington seconded that the minutes be signed as a correct record.  6 councillors agreed and 2 abstained.
9.    Declarations by Councillors of personal interests in items on this agenda.   None
10.    Matters arising not dealt with in separate items below. None.
11.    WSCC Councillor.    Cllr Evans congratulated Mr Mellodey on his appointment as Chairman.
West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is working with MIND.  It has been discovered that a large proportion of front line emergency personnel are suffering with some form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
WSCC is looking into the possibility of West Sussex Police and WS Fire and Rescue working together.  This is following a directive from Central Government.
WSCC continues to work with Highways England on the A27.  Cllr Goldsmith is pressing for a 12 week consultation period.  The start of the consultation period has still not been confirmed but it is thought to be June 2016.
WSCC is supporting Dementia Week which will run from 15-21st May.
A crossing point is to be installed on the B2145 in Selsey close to Pink Cottage Day Nursery near Chichester Road bus stop to enable people to reach the bus stop from the nursery without having to walk on the road.
Mr Bedford congratulated Cllr Evans on her appointment as Deputy Mayoress of Chichester.
12.        CDC Councillor
Cllr Tull congratulated Mr Mellodey on his appointment as Chairman of the PC.
CDC held its Annual Meeting on 17th May 2016 and elected Elizabeth Hamilton as Chairman.
Cllr Tull had been delighted to attend a Queen’s Garden Party in recognition of her years on Chichester District Council.
The All Parishes Meeting will take place on 19th May 2016.  (Mr Mellodey and Mrs Pound will attend from SPC). A presentation on Waste and Recycling and a discussion on the A27 are on the agenda.
Cllr Tull reported on WSCC’s request for comment from Parish Councils on proposals to make cuts in the Waste budget.  A proposal has been made to remove some smaller amenity sites and the Selsey and East Wittering skips are threatened with closure.  There are concerns that this will lead to an increase in fly tipping.
13.        Assets & Amenities Workgroup
13.1      Outdoor Gym Equipment.  Mrs Hall reported that she will hear the result of her grant applications in June 2016.
13.2     Sand for playground sandpit.  The Clerk had obtained a quotation for replacement sand at £75 per 1 ton bag.  Dr Lewis suggested that the Clerk obtain a quote from the Early Learning Centre.  Dr Lewis questioned whether playground sand is good for children to play in. Sand was thought necessary to soften the landing from the slide and for those who fall off the climbing wall. Rubber chips were suggested as an alternative.  It was thought that dogs in the playground area were a greater danger to health and it was suggested that dogs be banned from the Memorial Playing Field.  The Clerk was asked to place this on the agenda for further discussion at the June meeting.  Mr Bedford suggested obtaining a by-law for Sidlesham to ban dogs from the Memorial Playing Field.
It was agreed by all that the Clerk order 3 tons of sand to make the sand pit safe while the A&A Work Group investigate alternatives for the pit.
13.3    Height Barrier Gate.  The replacement gate is being manufactured and should be installed in late June.
14.    Memorial Playing Field
14.1    Mr Mellodey had circulated a report on progress made by the Memorial Playing Field Work Group, the Football Club and the Sidlesham Community Association.  Mr Mellodey asked if any councillors had questions regarding his report.  He requested a vote of approval of the report which will then be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on 25th May 2016.  Mrs Pound congratulated Mr Mellodey on the report.
14.2     Goal posts and line markings for junior pitch.  The PC confirmed its approval for the order of 2 goal posts at a cost of £200.  The Clerk had obtained a quotation of £275.00 from Burley’s to mark out the pitch.  All agreed that the Clerk ask Burley’s carry out the marking as soon as possible.
15.      Highways, footpaths and cycleways
15.1    Selsey/Chichester Commuter Cycle Track.  Mr Mellodey reported that cost estimates had been received of between £3.5m and £2.5m.  The project originally envisaged a boardwalk crossing Ferry Pond but this proved excessively expensive.  The project group has, with the RSPB, discussed an alternative which would cross the B2145, cutting Ferry Corner behind and then crossing the B2145 back to the route.  There is much under discussion but progress is being made.
15.2    Mrs Hall raised the wild flower verges being investigated by a parishioner Work Group.  Mrs Hall had spoken with Mrs Wilkes of the Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group who was keen to help.   The Clerk was asked to pass this on to the group.
16.     Flooding
Mr Bedford reported on a meeting with WSCC on flood projects to be carried out on the Peninsula.   A WSCC contractor will carry out a number of inspections and jetting of culverts and repairs in Sidlesham. These include:  reconstruction of the drain on corner of B2201 and B2145, Jury Lane investigation, blocked culvert at bus stop east of Lockgate, conduit at Rotten Row, investigation of culvert at Greentrees, culvert under road at telephone exchange. This work will be funded by Operation Watershed.  Mr Bedford will circulate a quarterly flood report prior to the June PC meeting.
17.      Finance
17.1    Income
17.1.1    CDC Precept (£12,536.96) + Grant (£424.04) = £12,961.00
17.1.2    HM Revenue & Customs (VAT return) £4,527.96
17.1.3    Came & Company (Insurance for new barrier gate) £1450.00
17.2    Payments
17.2.1    F Fields (Accounts Audit) £80
17.2.2    T MacIntyre (April salary) £491.66
17.2.3    J W L Installs Ltd (move balancing bar and clean equipment) £372.00
17.2.4  The Academy Selsey (Statistics prize) £20.00
Mr Harland proposed, Mr Martin seconded that items 17.1 to 17.2.4 be taken en bloc and agreed.  All councillors agreed.
17.3    Approve Accounts and Annual Return for 2015-2016.  Following an initial audit by the Parish Council Accounts Monitor and the audit by the PC’s auditor, the end of year accounts, together with the Annual Return and its attachments had been circulated to councillors.  Mr Harland proposed and Mrs Hall seconded that the Annual Return     be signed off by the Chairman and sent to the external auditor.  All agreed.
17.4    Appoint Mrs F Fields as Internal Auditor for 2016/17 at a cost of £80.  Mrs Pound proposed and Mr Mellodey seconded that Mrs Fields be appointed as Internal Auditor for 2016-17.  All agreed.
17.5    Approve Financial Risk Document for 2016/2017.  The document had been circulated and all approved.
18.     HM Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations.  Mrs Hall informed the PC that it has been awarded a £250 grant towards the cost of the celebrations on 11th/12th June 2016.  The funds will be transferred on presentation of receipts.  Mrs Hall showed councillors the programme, a pull-out copy of which will be inserted in the middle pages of the Sidlesham Parishioner.  Mr Mellodey congratulated Mrs Hall on the organisation of the event.
19.     Set dates for Parish Council Meetings.  These will take place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month with no meetings in August and December.
20.     Reports.  None
21.       Correspondence.  None
22.    Matters of urgent public importance.  None
23.        Matters of Information.   None

Meeting closed at 8.50pm