Sidlesham Parish Council.

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Minutes of the Statutory Annual Council Meeting 18th May 2011

Sidlesham Parish Council

Minutes of Statutory Annual Council Meeting
18 May 2011 in the Parish Church of St Mary our Lady, Sidlesham at 7.00pm

 1.       Present: Mr A Harland (Chairman), Mrs E Smart, Mrs T Tull, Mrs D Pound, Mrs C Hall and Mr P Bedford, Mrs M Whitehead (WSCC), the Clerk (Mrs T MacIntyre) and five members of the public. 

2.        Election of Chairman. Mr Harland was proposed by Mrs Tull and seconded by Mrs Smart; Mrs Pound was proposed by Mrs Hall but not seconded.  Mr Harland was elected by four votes with two abstentions.                     

3.     Election of Vice-Chairman. Mrs Tull was proposed by Mr Harland, seconded by Mrs Smart and elected unopposed.

4.     Members and Representatives.
4.1    Planning Committee. Mr Harland proposed all Parish Councillors to be members. Mr Bedford was proposed for Chairman of the Planning Committee by Mrs Pound and seconded by Mr Harland.   All Councillors agreed.   As Mr Bedford is new to the Council, Mr Bedford proposed that he wait three months before taking over the post and Mr Harland will act as Chairman during this period. This was agreed unanimously.

4.2    Mr Harland welcomed the two new Councillors, Mrs Hall and Mr Bedford, to the Council.  Mr Harland proposed that all other appointments to Committees etc be postponed until after the Co-option Meeting on 2nd June 2011 and that these should be settled at the July Meeting, when the Parish will have a full Council of 9 members.  Mrs Tull seconded the proposal and all members agreed.  Mr Bedford enquired whether there would be any meetings before the July Bi-monthly Meeting at which the Council should be represented.  Mr Harland replied that Mrs Smart would continue to attend the Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve Advisory Board and that Mr Harland and Mrs Tull will attend next the Peninsula Forum Meeting.

5.     Apologies for absence.  Mrs C Ranjbar

6.     Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 16th March 2011 to be signed as a correct record.
Mrs Tull proposed and Mrs Smart seconded that the Minutes be signed as a correct record.  All members agreed.

7.     Matters arising from the Minutes.
Mrs Tull raised the matter of the Tyre Clinic which has been served notice to tidy up the site.  Mrs Tull had visited the site and felt that little was being done to improve the site.  The Clerk was asked to write to the Enforcement Officer to ask that the matter be followed up.

8.     Declarations by Councillors of personal interests in items on this agenda.  None

The meeting was then interrupted while the Planning Committee Meeting was held.

9. Questions from the public present at the meeting on subjects other than those on the agenda.

10.    WSCC Councillor.  Mrs Whitehead reported that she had requested that she be given an opportunity to speak at the Strategic Environmental Services Select Committee Meeting on Pagham Harbour next week, which had been agreed.  Mrs Smart, Mrs Tull and Mr Harland had received the report to be presented at the meeting and Mrs Whitehead suggested that they hold a meeting to discuss matters which they would like her to raise when she speaks at the meeting.  Mrs Tull felt that the financial figures presented in the report needed to be studied.  The figures originally given for costs of the Nature Reserve to WSCC were considerably less than they are now.
Mrs Whitehead raised the matter of the water in Yeoman’s Field which is believed to come from a broken water main.  She will report this to WSCC and ask that the matter be investigated.
Mrs Whitehead reported on the reorganisation of the local bus service.  The bus service from Chichester to Selsey after 6.30 pm (which is subsidised) may be cut, with no services on Sundays.  Mrs Whitehead requested that anyone who has comments on this change to the schedule should send them to her please.
11.    CDC Councillor.   Mr Harland congratulated Mrs Tull on her appointment as Cabinet Member for Finance. Mrs Tull reported that the new Cabinet appointments to Chichester District Council have been announced and Mrs Heather Caird is the new Leader of the Council.

12.    Playground.
Mr Harland reported that the climbing wall, the final piece of equipment for the playground, will be installed within the next few weeks. At the same time they will correct the other minor faults which were raised when the equipment was installed.  Mr Harland has ordered the new bench and the shelter which will be installed inside the playground and the two new picnic tables.  These will be put in place as soon as they arrive.  There are plans to remove the heap and clear the old playground site of brambles. Some of the earth from the heap will be placed on the site of the old playground and the ground reseeded.  The rest of the earth from the heap will be removed.  When that has been completed, the pathway between the Clubhouse entrance and the playground will be repaired.   Mrs Pound raised expenditure on the door to the toilet and paint which had not been approved by Council.  Mr Harland pointed out that there had been no expenditure as the door had been donated and Mr Malir had overhauled the toilet etc.

13.    Hall Work Group
The Hall Work Group (HWG) has not met since March when they assessed the responses to the questionnaire.   Mrs Pound reported that the HWG would like the Village Hall project to be given priority and active support by the new Council.   Mr Bill Martin has a list of people who have volunteered to help and the HWG would like to contact those volunteers and hold a meeting with them in the near future in order not to lose their interest and support and discuss the way forward.  Mrs Hall requested that Mr Harland attend that meeting and Mrs Pound would like Parish Councillors to attend.  Mrs Louise Beaton will be invited.   Mr Harland responded that before this Council can give approval for a hall, more work needs to be done but Mr Harland supported the HWG continuing with their work on the project.  In further discussions Mr Harland suggested that the Hall Work Group draw up a rough plan for the new building and assess the size it would need to be in order to accommodate the requirements identified in the survey.  Mr Harland then suggested that they contact a builder to give a rough idea of what that would cost and investigate various sources of funding.  With that information, Mrs Pound should present it at a future Parish Council Meeting and seek approval to hold a public meeting.  Mrs Pound stressed that the Hall will not conflict with the new church rooms when seeking funding.  

13.    Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve Advisory Board (PHLNRAB) issues etc.
Mr Harland reported that he, Mrs Tull and Mrs Smart had sat on the Pagham Harbour Service Level Agreement work group (SLAwg)  which had set out the terms under which they felt that WSCC should negotiate with the RSPB.  The SLAwg also included representatives from Pagham Council, Pagham Residents Association, Selsey Town Council, Mrs Whitehead, Mr Mike Coleman and Mr Peter Gadd of the Friends of Pagham Harbour.  This group made suggestions concerning issues that negotiations should be based around and members were pleased that their suggestions had largely been followed.  On the 25th May, the Strategic Environmental Services Select Committee will meet to decide whether to support the recommendations being put forward to the Cabinet Minister, Deborah Urquhart who will make the decision shortly thereafter.  Mrs Hall commented on the excellent talk by Mr Adrian Thomas of the RSPB at the Parish Meeting which she felt had been helpful in putting many people’s minds at rest.  Mrs Tull agreed but felt that it did not address the hard financial decisions to be made.  There is a meeting of the PHLNRAB shortly.  However, Mrs Smart thought that once the Cabinet decision has been made, the Advisory Board will be disbanded.  Mr Bedford raised the issue of visitor numbers and suggested that numbers in the management plan may have been massaged because of the current capacity of the B2145.  If the RSPB is to make charges for certain elements, they will need to increase numbers and therefore the size of the car park and the visitors’ centre.  Mrs Smart stated that that is their plan and that the Medmerry Realignment Scheme could all become part of the Reserve.  Mr Thomas had said in his talk to the Parish Meeting that the RSPB was well aware of the road congestion problems and would keep these in mind.

15.    Highways, Footpaths and Cycleways
15.1      VAS sign on the B2145.  Mrs Whitehead had taken the matter up and the sign is now working and the hole filled in.  A member of the public did, however, point out that the sign just flashes on and off when it should stay on while the car is passing. Mr Harland will investigate.  
15.2      Flooding on the B2145 outside the petrol station.  Mrs Tull referred to her notes from the meeting with Southern Water, the Environment Agency and CDC which established that CDC should be responsible for flooding on the highway.  Mrs Tull will follow this up.
15.3     Rookery/Cow Lane signs.  The Clerk had reported that these signs needed repair and had had an acknowledgement that this would be done.  The Clerk will write again to ascertain how long this may take.
15.4     Other matters.  At the Parish Meeting a parishioner raised the matter of the footpath across the field from Littleton Barn.  The footpath has now been restored but the Clerk will write to Mr Torrance to ask him to ensure that in future his contractors re-establish the footpath after the field has been ploughed.
Mrs Smart also raised the footpath through Slip Field between Slated Barn and Hayes Barn.  The Clerk to write to Mr Monnington of Mapson Farm to ask that the path be restored after the field has been ploughed.

16.    Emergency Plan
Mrs Pound reported on progress to date. The Emergency Plan Group, following the guidance from CDC of what an emergency plan should cover, are now working on their 5th draft.    Mr Allisstone had taken all members at the Emergency Plan Meeting through the 4th draft who agreed that the format of the plan was readily understood and when complete would bring together as much information as could be determined in advance of an unknown threat.  It was agreed to label this revised plan as Version 5.   The Group will invite the CDC Emergency Planning Officer, Mr Lloyd Harris, to update the contact details of one of the appendices which are incorrect.  They will add, under Appendix 7, communications using social networking, via the internet, twitter, facebook, etc so that if everything else fails, people will be able to contact each other via these networks.  To Appendix 10 the group will ask for fluorescent jackets to identify those in authority.  The description of ‘vulnerable people’ will be altered so as not to offend those with special needs.  No confidential information about people will be in the plan.  There will be a limited use of discs or data key fobs so as not to lose all information in a crisis.  The meeting endorsed the plan and agreed that, once amended, should be forwarded to Sidlesham Parish Council.  This would enable the Emergence Planning Group to seek the support of the Parish Council for the work done and apply for advice and resources from CDC as approved in the plan.    The Group looked at accommodation, heavy plant, light plant, tools and materials and people with useful skills and Mr Allisstone agreed to incorporate these assets into version 5 before it is circulated for the Parish Council to approve.  Mrs Tull raised the directive for any District Councillor who holds information about their constituents on their computers to register with the Information Commissioner.  This could also apply to Parish Councillors and needs to be kept in mind.
17.    Finance
17.1      Income
17.1.1    Precept payment  £9,420.00
17.1.2   HM Revenue & Customs (VAT Return)  £1088.08

 Payments. The Clerk requests the following for approval and recording.
 17.2 Payments to be made
 17.2.1    Came & C0.  (Annual Insurance)  £872.97
 Mr Harland requested that the Council approve a 3 year contract which will give the Council a discount on their annual premiums.  Mrs Pound asked what this insurance would cover and Mr Harland stated that all individual assets of the Parish, PLI of £10,000,000 and legal costs related to claims would be covered.  All Councillors voted to continue the 3 year contract.  
 17.3. Payments made since last meeting 
 17.3.1   A Harland expenses £2.00
 17.3.2   Samaritans £75.00
 17.3.3   Sidlesham Transport Club £150.00
 17.3.4   Arun & Chichester CAB £75.00
 17.3.5   CPRE (Subscription) £29.00
 17.3.6   Trojan Timber Products (Bus Shelter) £344.40
 17.3.7   T MacIntyre (March salary) £377.50
 17.3.8   A Brand (Bus Shelter) £245.00
 17.3.9   T MacIntyre (April salary) £398.85
 17.3.10  Access by Design (Web site) £144.00
 17.3.11  A R Harland expenses £22.84
 17.3.12  M H Kennedy & Son (grass mowing March & April) £303.00
 17.3.13  Thomas Eggar Llp (Recreation Ground Legal Fees) £900.00 
 17.3.14   Action in Rural Sussex (AH attended Rural Forum) £10.00

Mrs Tull proposed that items 17.3.1 to 17.3.14 be taken en bloc and Mrs Smart seconded.  This was agreed unanimously.

A member of the public raised the insurance covering the parish.  Firstly, the parishioner asked whether the PLI covered the buildings on the football field.  At an earlier meeting it had been resolved to investigate whether the premiums could be increased so as to cover the buildings but the minutes had not reflected whether this was the case.  Secondly, the playing field is held partly by the Football Club under a licence and partly by the Parish Council.  He stated that they are joint occupiers.  Therefore the parishioner considered that the Parish would be responsible for anyone injured on any part of the playing field, including the buildings.  At present the parishioner understood that there is no liability on the Club to maintain building and lights.  Mr Harland replied that the reason why that has not been concluded is that the Council is still waiting for the Football Club to agree, or not, to the Agreement which has been drawn up.  In that Agreement it clearly states that they are responsible for maintenance and public liability to cover all their assets on the field, including the flood lights. However the Football Club now has its own Public Liability Insurance on the clubhouse and associated assets including the floodlights. The Council’s insurance brokers have confirmed that as that is the case, the Council cannot be sued additionally for those same assets.  The Council’s public liability policy states that all assets owned by the Parish are covered. The parishioner’s advice was that the Council should invite the insurer’s representative to inspect the Memorial Playing Field and its structures to ensure that the conditions of the insurance have been met.    

Mr Harland stated that he had been in touch with Mr Tony Rowland, who had advised that lease negotiations had now been taken over by Mr Les Jewiss, the Football Club Chairman, who has been consulting with the Club’s solicitors.  Mr Jewiss is currently away on holiday.  Mr Harland has written to the Club asking when the Council may expect a response to the draft agreement.

18.    School House update
18.1      New School entrance.  
The Clerk was asked to enquire when the Parish Council can expect confirmation that the original entrance will be closed up.  The building is nearing completion and the entrance issue will need to be settled.
18.2      Ditch at school entrance.  Mr Harland enquired whether the ditch on the left hand side of the entrance will be filled in and incorporated within the new development boundary.  Mrs Whitehead will request that this be done.

19.     Annual Parish Meeting matters
19.1       Advertising of local events.  Mr Harland proposed that this be put off to another meeting and Councillors agreed.
19.2      Yeoman’s Field.  Two issues were raised.  Firstly, the flooding which had been discussed under Item 10 above which Mrs Whitehead will seek to resolve with WSCC.   Secondly, the fence which looks stark at the moment will be completed and should weather in.  It will become very much more secure for keeping dogs within the field.

20.     Correspondence.  None

21.     Other reports.
21.1      Police Neighbourhood Management Panel.   Mr Harland reported on vandalism of the flint bus stop.  When police apprehend someone committing a minor offence, Mr Harland proposed that authority be given to the Chairman and Clerk to agree with the police on action which the police intend to take, ie   whether to prosecute or issue a community service task etc.  Councillors agreed.

22.     Proposed meetings for the next twelve months Wednesdays at 7:00pm: -
22.1       Parish Council bi-monthly 20 July 2011, 21 September 2011, 16 November 2011, 18 January                                         2012, 21 March 2012, 16 May 2012 (Statutory Annual Meeting )   
            Annual Parish Meeting 23 May 2012.
22.2 Planning Committee every three weeks if new applications are received, interval and dates subject to change if applications not received.
22.3      Work Groups as required.
23.     Matters of urgent public importance. Any items raised will stand deferred until the next meeting.  None
24.      Matters of Information.
Mrs Tull will inform councillors when she has more information from the Information Commissioner regarding rules governing Councillors when holding information on computer about constituents or parishioners.
Mr Harland raised the Decentralisation and Localism Bill which is progressing through Parliament and likely to be made law towards the end of this year.  Having attended a SALC meeting on the subject, it is unlikely that many of the items in this bill will affect a Parish Council of Sidlesham’s size.  Regarding Clusters, we have Clusters such as the Peninsula forum.

           Meeting closed 21:25