Sidlesham Parish Council.

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Hand-drawn Sidlesham signpost with lapwing bird.

Total CIL receipts for 2017-2018

The total value of CIL receipts subject to the
aforementioned notices in any year that has not been
paid to the relevant charging authority by the end of
the reported year.        0
Total value of CIL receipts subject to aforementioned notices
for reported year        0
Total CIL receipts for reported year retained at end of
year       0
CIL receipts from previous years retained        0
Total Amount of CIL receipts retained for reported year
Expenditure on infrastructure        0
Total CIL expenditure for reported year        0
Summary of CIL expenditure during the reported year
The amount of CIL to which an infrastructure payment
relates (Please list each payment individually)        0
The item of infrastructure to which the above payment